NH Conservation

Client Services

“Knowledgeable, ethical, and experienced. Tom is always fair while serving the interests of his clients.”

At NH Conservation Real Estate, our focus is on properties with natural resource values that are important to conserve or those with conservation protections already in place. We are experienced in structuring real estate transactions that benefit landowners, communities, and future generations. We strive to conserve lands that form the character of our region and reflect our community heritage.

We provide the following services:


Marketing & Sales

Our appreciation and understanding of New Hampshire’s unique and valuable lands guides our work to market your special property. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind view, a working farm or forest, proximity to other conservation lands, or important wildlife habitat or water resources, we’ll help find the perfect fit with a buyer who shares your conservation ethic and vision for the land.

“Tom is uniquely qualified for real estate transactions with a conservation component. He has a special understanding of the challenges of this type of land… A regular real estate broker isn’t going to know the ins and outs, the regulations, the implications of restrictions the way Tom does. Conservation land is a specialty, and it’s Tom’s specialty.”


Buyer Representation

We strive to help our clients acquire the lands of their dreams by providing the highest level of confidential services, including:

  • General counsel in the buying process
  • Location of suitable properties
  • Investigation and verification of physical attributes
  • Review of municipal regulations
  • Valuation, negotiation, and transaction administration

“Buying this property involved several complicated negotiations. Tom was there every second of the way, doing all the leg work and attending the myriad meetings required for us to purchase this property. He is a man of great integrity, warmth, and the greatest concern that his clients get the right property.”



With decades of experience and a comprehensive understanding of the landscape, we help clients successfully maneuver the complex processes of land conservation and related real estate transactions. We provide fee-for-service assistance to landowners, conservation organizations, governmental entities, real estate professionals, attorneys, foresters, natural resource consultants and other professionals who represent landowners.

“Tom has the ability to see a situation in an unbiased manner. You’ll get honest advice from him, as he’s focused on a direction which will have the most meaning to the project. He’s conscientious, pays attention to details, and is very knowledgeable about writing and administering easements.”