NH Conservation


Q: Conservation real estate? I didn't know such a company existed.

A: We do...and you found us! Welcome to NH Conservation Real Estate. How may we help you?


Q: What is conservation real estate?

A: Our business focuses upon properties that presently have conservation protections in place or that have natural resource values that make the land important to conserve.


Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Because we narrowed our niche, we expanded our geography. We will consider engaging clients for property and projects throughout the entire State of New Hampshire.


Q: Aren't real estate and conservation incompatible?

A: Conservation and real estate brokerage are not mutually exclusive ideas. The potential uses of land need not be viewed as an "either/or" proposition during the buying and selling process. You will find our "multiple use" philosophy helpful as you strive to accomplish more than a single goal within your real estate transaction.


Q: How can I be sure that my property will be sold to someone who will not develop it inappropriately?

A:  Many owners of special lands like yours are wary of the process of selling their asset given the uncertainty of the intentions of a potential buyer. While no process is fool-proof, we strive to maintain a marketplace conducive to attracting the buyers who are most likely to treat the land with the same respect as you would. If the end use of the land is critically important to you, then you should consider placing conservation protections on the land before or during the selling process.


Q:  Is it possible to sell a conservation interest in my property while retaining ownership and use of the land.

A:  Yes. A conservation easement does, in fact, have value and is a saleable interest. Whether a market exists for your specific property is a case-by-case situation that we can help you determine. Land encumbered by a conservation easement can be used for a variety of purposes including agriculture and forestry.